Styrene Polystyrene Glue (SPG)

Styrene Polystyrene Glue is high viscous glue made especially to bond EPS surfaces. Styrene Polystyrene glue is developed for Expandable Polystyrene (EPS), it has low volatile and water residence, and it can be pasted by a normal painting brush.The glue has superior bonding quality. Due its various properties like water resistance and tensile strength its application may not be limited to EPS bonding. Our glue is premixed and comes in a ready to use bottle. Styrene Glue is sold in 1Kg and 5Kg bottles. For a stronger bond we recommend both the surfaces be clean and smooth. Since SII Glue is honey like viscous, it is advised to wear necessary PPE like gloves, masks and eye protection during the usage of the glue.



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